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About SMS Associates Pvt. Ltd.

SMS Associates Pvt. Ltd. (SMS) is India's leading Representative Company exclusively serving the Indian SMT, Hybrids and Microelectronics sectors.

SMS is professionally owned and managed and has been in business since 1971, thus completing more than 39 years of exemplary service to the Indian Electronics Industry and in particular to the SMT /Hybrid/ Microelectronics establishment.

SMS operates from its own offices in Delhi and Bangalore and has site offices in Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kochi. SMS has also planned to open more site offices in India at other cities where growth of electronics industry is taking place.

SMS has a full time complement of qualified Sales and Service Engineers, trained overseas by our principals, on the range of products handled and can therefore provide full scope sales, service and application support, including warranty and post warranty maintenance services.

SMS prides itself in its philosophy of providing its customers the highest quality of pre and post sales services and support with unimpeachable ethics.



SMS has on its Sales Program a comprehensive range of products (equipment, materials and operating supplies) including inter-alia :

  • Precision Automatic Solder Paste Printer
  • Reflow Ovens
  • Wave Soldering Machines
  • Selective Soldering Machine
  • X-Ray Inspection System
  • Industrial Microscope
  • Wafer Dicing Systems and Dicing Blades
  • ESD/Clean Room Products
  • PCB Handling Units



SMS exclusively represents in India, the following International industry leaders. With many of them we have had an excellent ongoing relationship for several decades now.

  • ASM Assembly Systems Singapore Pte Ltd, Singapore/UK.
  • ITW EAE, a division of llinois Tool Works,Inc Hopkinton, USA
  • ITW EAE, a division of llinois Tool Works,Inc Hopkinton, USA
  • ITW EAE, a division of llinois Tool Works,Inc Hopkinton, USA
  • Nikon Metrology Europe N.V, Belgium.
  • Nikon Metrology Europe N.V, Belgium
  • Advanced Dicing Technologies Ltd, Israel
  • Dou Yee Enterprises (S) Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • Autoveyor (Singapore) Pte Ltd


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