mat die bonders




Performs MCM, Flip Chip, Eutectic, Silver Glass, Ag Sintering etc die attach applications.

Small footprint, Table-Top configuration.

Versatile and User Friendly machine using the same advanced software of Model 6400 running under Windows® on a PC platform.

Fully automatic and Semi-automatic process allowing highest flexibility and easy operation.
Very High Accuracy closed loop servo systems control the main motion axes.
High resolution Digital Vision and Image Processing system.
Time-Pressure or Volumetric Dispenser for applying complex shapes of adhesive.
Double Dispenser for two different adhesives.
Stamping (Pin Transfer) 75 μm adhesive dots.

Die Presentation:

Unique one-pass, wet Die Stacking capability with BLT control of the dice.
Capability to handle MEMS devices.
Experience with very large Imaging Devices.
Flip Chip process including chip flipping, bump fluxing and final alignment over a high resolution Up Looking Camera.
Eutectic MCM processes based on heated substrates with gas cover and heated pickup tools with provision of forming gas.
Ultrasonic bond head available for Gold to Gold Interconnection.

Specification Highlights

Work Area: up to 6” x 6”.Die size range: 0.006” to over 2” Die Material: GaAs, Si, Glass, etc. Substrates: Lead Frames, Ceramic, Silicon Wafers, PCB’s, Metal, TO cans, etc. Pickup/Bond Force: 40 to 9,000 grams.

Placement Accuracy: better than ±3 μm -application dependent. Throughput: up to 700 CPH – applicationdependent.
Size: 0.97 x 0.85 x 0.65 meter.Weight: under 200 Kg.

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